Our billets are hand-selected and sourced from the northeastern United States. Only pro-grade wood is acceptable for our bats. Our bats are cut by hand on our lathe, sanded by hand, and then painted before being sealed 3-4 times. We won't stop working until the bat is the exact weight you are seeking.

Standard Pro Bats - $100

Select from a variety of Standard Pro Bat designs with one line of custom engraving. Standard Pro Bats ship within 3-8 days. Visit the website often as we develop new bats regularly. Pro Grade Maple and One-Handed Trainers are available.

Custom Pro Maple Bats - $115

Build your bat that fits your needs and personal style. If you want, you can talk to a Razorbill Bats bat designer about your ideas.

Custom Fungo - $100

Our Custom Fungo Bats include one line of custom engraving, and up to two colors. These fungo bats are perfect for coaches to help run drills and help players develop. Get a fungo in your team colors to show pride in your team each time you head to the ballpark.


Check out our Razorbill Bats t-shirts and sweatshirts with our heat press vinyl logo. We have plans for hats and bottle openers in the near future so check back often for more merch!

Razorbill bats

Our mission is to craft the highest quality baseball bat at an affordable price for you. Trained as artists, we are prepared to meet all of your design needs while ensuring that our bats can handle the rigors of 21st-century baseball. Our goal is to share the joy of baseball through our customers' successes and personal baseball journeys. Check out our followers on Instagram and become part of our Razorbill Bats team.

Warranty Policy

We offer a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase/date of receipt. Bats can break. Hitting the baseball in the wrong spot of the bat can split a bat - even when made with a pro-grade piece of maple, birch, or ash. Visit our FAQs for more details on warranty and returns.

Who we are and where we're from

Razorbill Bats is a family-owned business in central Illinois. Mike is the bat designer and bat maker. He is an art professor and hitting coach - and loves being challenged by your unique bat design ideas. Jillian is also an artist and she helps Razorbill Bats as our web designer and marketing guru. Max is the quality control expert (aka baseball player) and functions as the quasi-research and development department for us. Cecilia handles a lot of the merch, and Vivian also helps sell merch and bats.

The name "Razorbill" comes from the North Atlantic sea bird that resides as far south as Maine. Our company's journey started with the arrival of our first shipment of billets from the forests of Maine. This agile bird is capable of both extensive flight and diving - sometimes diving as deep as 330 feet underwater. This striking, black and white, Razorbill can absolutely hit a home run. :) Another way of looking at it - our owner/operator Mike loves to wear flat-billed hats, ensuring that the bill of the flat-bill hat is "razor" sharp.
Our team looks forward to making a custom bat for you.

Why Razorbill Bats?

Our bats are made from the highest quality wood in the industry. We try to keep our prices low so that all baseball players can afford a good quality bat with a personal flare. We want players to take pride in their gear and feel a part of our Razorbill Bats team.

Our owner/operator and bat designer has extensive knowledge of hitting. Mike is an active hitting coach with a deep knowledge of using data-driven teaching to improve each player's hitting abilities. He also spent ten years as an associate scout for two MLB teams. Mike is a "baseball guy" and feels connected to other baseball people. Making bats is a fun way to be a part of the game and to help players along in their journey.

Our social platform on Instagram connects players to Razorbill Bats and also connects players. It also provides a positive environment for players to showcase their unique bat design styles and successes at the plate. We are cheering you on and we want to brag about you!