Standard Bats

Standard Pro Maple Bat

The least expensive option for a game-quality baseball bat is our Standard Pro Maple Bat. These are made from the highest quality wood in the industry. All billets are hand-selected and inspected for wood grain quality and durability. We offer standard bats that ship within 3-8 days. All these bats are cupped for a balanced feel, drop-3, and ready to go! Included is one line of custom engraving. 

One-Hand Training Bat

Razorbill Bats also makes one-hand training bats. For those of you who do specialized training with one-arm hitting drills, we have a bat for you. These are 23-24 inches in length and are usually weighted to be appropriate for a player aged 15 or older. If you want something custom for a younger team, let me know and I can make you something more suitable for a youth player. 

We also make overload bats (usually 20% heavier than your game bat), underload bats (usually 20% lighter than your game bat), and "stickball" bats as additional training tools.